...Like A Madam, Except For Inner Well-Being

Is It Me Or Is Everyone Angry As F… FishstickS?!

Our comprehensive services, from consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, can help your business thrive.
We are dedicated to helping individuals maintain spiritual hygiene and restore emotional balance.

Did you doze off reading that,
or was it just me?
Gotta love AI!

I have service worker stamped on my ass…cot, I have been doing it for so long.

I once had a first-class passenger throw an entire food tray at me because I brought him fish instead of chicken.

Oh, but Don’t Cry For Me Argentina –– My behavior towards an Amazon representative has been less than
'love + light' more times than I care to admit.

People are angry, lost, and hurting (at times, present party included)… and need to remember how to feel good in their bodies.
That looks like Intuitive Healing meditations and spiritual hygiene tips and tools to maintain groundedness and restore balance.
With those tools, I am Mother Teresa’s twin sister.
Without them – Marie-Antoinette.

It’s about learning to be neutral with what comes up.

Or as Ted Lasso says:
“You know what the happiest animal on Earth is? A goldfish. You know why? Got a ten-second memory. Be a goldfish, Sam.”

Some say you teach what you need to learn. Others will object and tell you you learn what you need to teach.

Either way, I am no guru –– or anyone’s teacher for that matter. I simply have gifts to share. As we all do.

Experience transformative intuitive healing sessions with me — Jehan Cicely, and discover emotional balance and cultivate a deeper sense of inner harmony. Let’s create a spiritual hygiene toolkit for your team and clients, and discover the power of remember how to feel good in the body.

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Energy Clearing
Inner Child Workshop

Experience energy-clearing sessions to release blockages and restore balance in a 50 or 80-minute session.

Ooo, who’s ready to address their daddy (and mommy) issues?
... And embark on a journey of self-discovery and forgiveness?

Come experience the healing power of reconnecting with your little inner being and nurture a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance.

This meditation experience may be especially useful for
Adult Children of Alcoholics and Vietnam Veterans.
Yet everyone is welcome.

Inner Child Work

Happy Clients

Jehan is a truly gifted Intuitive and Medium.
She offered so much insight and delivered messages with humor and love. She brought clarity to my worries and reminded me of my truth. Thank you so much for your guidance and love, Jehan!
— Nyla F

"I had the chance to get a reading with Jehan. I had not expected something so powerful and beautifully healing. Her supportive and loving energy made me feel at peace. I am still processing the honestly life-changing session. Jehan, thank you for your generosity!
— Alexandra M

Jehan, Wow. I'm still smiling, just thinking about her and
the magnificent reading that she gave me. I've had many intuitive reading done before, but this one was different!!! Her connection to her intuition is so strong that I felt a direct connection between her and my Guides. Not only is she hilarious, she is also warm, beautiful, kind and a loving soul. I would highly recommend getting a reading from Jehan.
— Shae M

What can I say about Jehan?
Her reading changed my life! She has this way of stepping into your soul and delivering messages straight from Spirit that are profound! Her insight was spot on. Truly grateful for my experience with her. Get a reading with her, you won't be disappointed.
— Tracey T

About Jehan

Jehan Cicely ∞ The Healing Escort ( a Madam, except inner well-being), is a storyteller, advanced intuitive energy healer, medium, rootworker, humorist and community advocate exploring the intersection of wanderlust and well-being.

Certified Usai Kundalini Reiki Practioner, and Mindfulness Meditation and Master Life Coach – Jehan also holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, as well as professional certifications in Interior and Apparel Design.

A veteran flight attendant, she really is just a nomadic creative at heart. Clairaudience resonates most naturally, which is probably why music equally feeds her soul.

Jehan writes a healing blog with raw, witty insight called Awakened Asshole (coming soon), examining the human side of a wild spiritual ride.
Jehan Cicely divides her time between Los Angeles, New York, and Western Europe.

“Perfectly imperfect, I like to say. I May Not Be For Everybody…But Everybody Needs Me.” – Jehan Cicely

Additionally, she studied improv at Second City Los Angeles and her stand-up acts have been featured at Flappers Burbank and The Comedy Store – Main Stage.

"Be A Goldfish, Sam..."

Ted Lasso

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